kaminey - Bollywood movie reivew

I was one of the invitee for the premier of one of the most awaited film of the year. After watching bollywood film 'Kaminey' only i could atter, ' wow, what a film'.

This is surely film with brain. A movie which makes u think, concentrate on each and every scene.

A story of twins who decided to depart but circumstances makes them to come toghether. Sry for my awful english, but all I can see is its a must watch film. Kaminey is not for dump people.

I must say about the peformance of the lead actors. Shahid and priyanka were brilliant. But eventually Kaminey a director's story. Vishal Bharadwaj excels in screenplay, and one liner dialogues.

Kaminey is a heady vodka martini, leaving u both shaken and stirred. Take a bow guys. Brave new Bollywood is here.