Aishwarya Latest Interview

The supremely beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will now be seen as the queen of Hindustan Jodhaa Bai in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s much-awaited film ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’ due for release soon.
Not only Aishwarya, but her fans and movie goers across India are waiting with bated breaths to see how the lady fares in her first film after her marriage to Abhishek Bachchan.
The entire industry too is waiting eagerly.During an exclusive tete-te-tete the glamour girl of Bollywood talked about her experiences while shooting for ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’, her life and more.
Here are the excerpts.
Q: Thus far, people have only read about Jodhaa Bai in the history books and learnt about her fascinating character. This is the first time that a film has been made on the famous Mogul Empress and you are portraying her character. Are you convinced that you have done justice to the role?
A: Well, I will not claim that I have done justice to Jodhaa Bai’s character, but I am sure that I have done justice to the character of Jodhaa Bai as etched out by Ashutosh.

I must say that it is a special quality in me that I always try and do justice to all the characters I play. Earlier too, I have portrayed a number of characters about whom people and I have only read in books.

But, while portraying these characters I have always given importance to what my director wants to depict on the celluloid and I have done full justice every time. I have never tried to interpret the characters apart from the director’s point of view.

Q: This is the first film being released after your marriage. So, what do you expect the audience response to be?
A: It’s an interesting issue. Shooting of the film began before my marriage, took place during my marriage and continued afterwards too.

As far as I am concerned, ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’ includes all the aspects and time of my life that are closely related to my marriage. However, it is true that this will be my first film to be released after marriage and hence it is of great importance to me.
Q: What was your experience dressing up and putting on make-up to portray Jodhaa Bai on screen?
A: In fact, people as well as the media have asked me time and again as to why I take so much time for make-up. I want to tell them that they should try and understand the pressure on us.
Even before the actual job of acting begins, artistes have to spend hours sitting quietly while the make-up is done. Although this in itself requires a lot of patience and endurance, no one realizes this as it is all behind the camera.

To be precise, make-up is not only necessary to make one look more beautiful, but also important for the toning of the skin and face muscles. Abhishek is aware of this and hence he regards me for this quality of mine.
Q: We have heard that you had to wear a lot of heavy ornaments for the film and this often troubled you. Tell us something on this.
A: Yes, people have asked me this question time and again. But this time I really had to wear a lot of heavy ornaments and clothes as I was portraying an empress of the Mughal dynasty. It required all these stuff.

Anyways, hats off to all these women from the royal families who would get up early in the morning and adorn themselves with such heavy ornaments and clothes day after day.

Q: Well, did you need to take on any extra work load to portray the character of Jodhaa Bai in the film?
A: Not exactly. In fact, Ashutosh had narrated the character so brilliantly to me that there was no need for any extra work or preparation.
Besides, this is not a character like in ‘Dhoom-2′ which required me to make rounds of the gym to tone up my body. I am happy that Ashutosh did not cover me up with ornaments only to make me appear like Jodhaa Bai.

Instead he gave me ample scope to present my acting talents and this was a role very much different from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Q: Personally, which characteristics of Jodhaa Bai have appealed to you?
A: To answer your question, I will need to open up a detailed discussion. Since that is not possible, I will suggest you to watch the movie and find it out for yourself.
Q: We have been told that there is a scene in the film where you were supposed to express anger while riding a horse. But you were reportedly so scared of horse riding that instead of anger there was fear on your face and now the scene is being technically corrected. What do you have to say about this?
A: Look, such things are common in all aspects of life. Actually, when I came for this shoot, I was right from my foreign film shootings and had no preparations whatsoever. Neither had I ever shot a horse riding scene nor been to a race course before.

When Ashutosh asked me to do the scene, I simply jumped on the horse. All reports about my being scared are fabricated. I was just taking care of myself and there is nothing wrong in it. Ever since, I spent a few hours with the horse on the sets with a view to be familiar with the animal.

All that I can tell you is that I enjoyed the horse riding and action scenes in the film and you can see it when you watch the film.
Q: Well, we have also heard that some scenes from the film have either been removed or changed….
A: I think you should ask this question to Ashutosh instead of me for I am yet to see the final print of the movie.
Look, whenever a film of such magnitude is made, many stories are associated with them. I personally do not have so much spare time to answer to all such questions.
Actually, everyday so much of our time used to be consumed traveling from Karjat to Mumbai that I am not even aware of any such stories.
Q: Is it true that during the shoot of ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’ there were some differences between you and Hrithik Roshan?
A: (Laughingly) Well……… there was nothing like this. At least, I am not aware of any such thing. However, I am not aware if Hrithik thinks so. Anyways, I don’t like to fight with anyone on the sets. If you wish to know more on this, you may ask Ashutosh or Hrithik. Q: Will you tell us something about your forthcoming films ‘Sarkar Raj’ and ‘Pink Panther’?A: Well, right now I would only like to talk about ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’. About the rest of the films, we will talk at a later date.

Big B to lend his voice to Jodhaa Akbar

Even before his career took off he did a voiceover in director Mrinal Sen’s Bhuvan Shome - a 1969 award-winning movie about the life of an uncompromising Bengali bureaucrat and his “gradual change”.

Once again, Amitabh Bachchan will be doing the voiceover as the narrator in Ashutosh Gowariker’s magnum opus Jodhaa Akbar, an epic tale of love and the golden period of Mughal history featuring the life of Jalaluddin Akbar and his Hindu queen Jodhaa.

Asked if he’s doing it because of Aishwarya Rai’s presence, the Big B demurs: “No, that’s not the reason. I had also done the voiceover for Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan. In Jodhaa Akbar I’ll be serving as the narrator.”

Gowariker, who had to be present at the movie’s lavish music release on January 9 in spite of a bad back, says the Big B was the only choice for the narrator’s role.
“It had to be someone who could convey both the gravity and historicity of the era,” said the director.

Is Amitabh being brought in because the film’s editing needs explanation?
“No, not at all,” laughed Gowariker. “It isn’t because of the editing at all. It’s just that the historical details need to be punctuated. And who better equipped for the task than Amitabh Bachchan?”

Other films where Big B did the voiceover and narration include Bawarchi, Balika Badhu, Shatranj Ke Khiladi, Tere Mere Sapne, Parineeta and Swami.
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Jodha - Akbar Release In Trouble After Complaint

Second complaint within a week’s lag, has brought Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Akbar Jodha in trouble yet again. Reportedly, the use of animals on a large scale in this period flick has angered the animal rights activists. A Haryana-based Animal rights activists group called People for animals (PFA) has filed a police complaint and a public suit against the entire crew of Akbar Jodha at Jaipur.

“We filed a complaint Nov 18 in Amber police station as there have been cases of cruelty on animals during the shooting of the film,” said PFA chairperson Naresh Kumar Kadiyan.

PFA states that the movie uses over 80 elephants, 100 horses and 55 camels for the shooting, without the proper care or any medical facilities for them.

Earlier, the movie was into controversy, facing angry protests of a Rajput community of Rajasthan over some historical facts portrayed in the movie.

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Jodha Akbar Lyrics

Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

Movie : Jodhaa AkbarMusic Director: A R RahmanDirector: Ashutosh GowarikarProducer: Ashutosh Gowarikar, Ronnie ScrewvalaedaStarring: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya RaiSingers: Javed AliLyrics: Javeed Akhtar


Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hai
raan haiKehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein
Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoye si baatein hain

Ooooo hooooo…

Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

Kaise kahen kya hai sitam
Sochte hai ab yeh hum
Koi kaise kahen woh hai ya nahi humare

Karte to hai saath safar
Faasle hain phir bhi magar
Jaise milte nahi kisi dariya ke do kinare

Pass hain phir bhi paas nahi
Humko yeh gum raas nahi
Seeshe ki ek diware hai jaise darmiya

Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoye si baatein hain

Oooo hoooo..

Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

Hum ne jo tha nagma suna
Dil ne tha usko chuna
Yeh dastaan humein vaqt ne kaise sunai

Hum jo agar hai gumgee
Woh bhi udhar khush to nahi
Mulakato mein hai jaise ghul si gai tanhai

Milke bhi hum milte nahi
Khilke bhi gul khilte nahi
Aankhon mein hai baharein dil mein khiza

Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoye si baatein hain

oooo hoo...

Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein


In Lamahoon Ke Daaman me

In lamhon ke daaman mein
Pakiza se riste hain
Koi kalma mohabat ka
Dohrate farishte hain

Khamosh si hai zameeen hairaan sa falak hai
Ek noor hi noor sa abb aasmaan talak hai

[Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein
Husn hai sari adaon mein
Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein ]2

Kaise yeh ishq hai
Kaisa yeh khwaab hai
Kaise jazbaat ka Umda sailab hai

Kaise yeh ishq hai
Kaisa yeh khwaab hai
Kaise jazbaat ka Umda sailab hai

Din badle raatein badli
Jeene ke andaaz hi badle hain

In lamhon ke daaman mein
Pakiza se riste hain
Koi kalma mohabat ka
Dohrate farishte hain

Samay ne yeh kya kiya
Badal di hai kaya
Tumhein mene paa liye
Mujhe tumne paya

Mile dekho aise hai hum
ke do sur ho jaise madham koi jyada na koi kaam
Kise aag mein
Ke prem aag mein
Jalte dono hi the tan bhi maan bhi
Maan bhi hai tan bhi

Mere khwaabon ke is Gulistaan mein
Tumse hi tum bahar chai hai
Phoolon mein rang nahi the lekin
Dil mein khusboon tumhi se aai hai

[Kyon hai yeh arzoo
Kyon hai yeh zustzu
Kyon dil bechain hai
Kyon dil betaab hai ]2

Din badle raatein badli baatien badli
Jeene ke andaaz hi badle hain

In lamhon ke daaman mein
Pakiza se riste hain
Koi kalma mohabat ka
Dohrate farishte hain

Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein
Husn hai sari adaon meinIshq hai jaise hawaon mein 2


Man Mohana

Singer(s) :Bela Shende
Lyricists :Javed Akhtar
Mood/Type : Bhajan

Man Mohana Man mohana
Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chaina
Tarsu Tumhiko din raina

Chodke apne kashi mathura 2
Aake Basao More nain
Tum bin paun kaise chaina
Tarsu Tumhiko din raina

Ek pal ujiraya aaye
Ek pal andhiyara chaye
Maan kyun na dhabraye
Kaise na Dhabraye
Maan jo koi dhara
Apni rahon mein paaye
Kaun disha jaye

Tum bin kaun samjhaye 2

Raas Rachiyan brindavan ke
Gokul ke basiRadha tumhri daasi
Darshan ko hai pyaasi
Shaam Shalone Nand lala Krishna banwari
Tumri chab hai nyari
Mein to hoon tan man hari 2

Man Mohana Man Mohana Man Mohanaaaaa Man Mohana
Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chaina
Tarsu Tumhiko din raina

Jeevan ek nadiya hai
Lehron lehron behti jaye
Ismein man ki naiyaa
Doobe kabhi tar Jaye

Tum na Khewaiya ho to
Koi tat kaise paaye
Majdhaar rehlaye
Tu tumri saran aayehaan tumri saran aaye

Mein hoon tumharihai
Tumhara yeh mere jeevan
Tumko hi dekhon mein
Dekhun koi darpan
Bansi Ban jaungiIn hooton ki ho jangui
In sapno se jalthal
Hai mera maan aganHain mera hmmm hmmm


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Allah Rakha Rahman: Musical Journey

‘The time for India in the western world is now’

For A R Rahman, the world is a musical oyster. His musical scores for Tamil and Hindi films have been hugely popular. Having nurtured the dream of creating a self-contained western music orchestra, he’s now working towards that dream.

At 41, is there a sense of satisfaction within you?
In my life i’ve always found dreams do come true, though often they come true long after you’ve forgotten them. Just preserve your dream at the bottom of your heart and wait for it to fructify. For six years i’ve been nurturing a dream of giving western classical music a legitimacy in our country, to cultivate the dedication and discipline of orchestral music in our youngsters, who at the moment feel that western classical is too distant and esoteric for them.

My ultimate dream is to create an orchestra that is capable of performing the world’s best musical pieces. Today, after carrying this dream in my head, i’m ready to implement my passion for western music. We’ve launched our music conservatory.

What do you hope to achieve?
I want to teach young musicians how to play within an orchestra. As things stand if i want to record orchestral music i’ve to go to Prague. If Ilaiyaraaja wants to record an epic score he goes to Budapest. Why can’t we do it right here in our own country? I want to build a repertoire of musicians who can play western instruments as expertly as the sitar or tabla. Our talented young musicians who want to learn western classical music have to head for London. I want to give a certain legitimacy to western classical music in our country.

Indian classical music has room for unlimited improvisation and spontaneity. A classical recital requires far more formal discipline. And the whole orchestra brings one emotion into play throughout a recital. We don’t have that discipline in our country. It used to be there. But now the younger generation is more enthused by other forms of western music like dance and hip-hop.

Does this dream project mean you’d be moving away from film music?
No, my film compositions always have a core of classical music. When i say i want to nurture orchestral music in our country it doesn’t mean that the students will be playing Bach and Beethoven all the time.

Now you’re spending a lot of time at home rather than travelling.
I think the time for India in the western world is now. The respect for all things Indian has gone up in recent times. We need to take an initiative to propagate our culture. Yes, i’ve consciously cut down on assignments in Mumbai. I’m happy i’m moving to another level. The unknown always fascinates me. If it didn’t, a Roja wouldn’t have happened.


A.R . Rahman was born to R. K. Shekhar, a composer, arranger and conductor for Malayalam-language films. His father died when Rahman was nine years old, and his family rented out musical equipment as a source of income.

During these early years, Rahman served as a keyboardist and an arranger in bands such as “Roots” and “Nemesis Avenue” with friends including Sivmani, embracing numerous music genres. His curiosity in the synthesizer in particular increased because, he says, it was the “ideal combination of music and technology.

Rahman started his career from his backyard of his house. In 1991, Rahman began his own music recording and mixing studio, attached to backyard of his house, called the Panchatthan Record Inn.

He initially composed music jingles for advertisements. In 1992, he was approached by film director Mani Ratnam to compose the score and soundtrack for Ratnam’s Tamil film Roja.

The debut led Rahman to receive the Rajat Kamal award for Best Music Director at the National film awards, the first time ever by a first-time film composer.

Rahman’s interest in the works of Classical and Romantic Periods composers. He further explored and trained in Carnatic Music,Westernl, Hindustani Music and the Qwalli style of Nusrat Ji, in addition to numerous other styles.

He believes in experimentation and i do believe in this.This is the reason for his supreme over Anu Malik,Himesh Reshamiyya, Pritam and others.They all except with pleasure thatRahman Ji is Best.

A.R . rahman is Uncrowned and undoubted King of Indian music starting from Roja Janeman to Maaya -Maaya and now Azeemo-e-shenshan in Jodha-Akbar.In each year he has produce blockbuster music whether its Roja, Bombay , Rangeela, Dil se,Taal,Fiza,Zubeida,Lagaan,Saathiya,Swaadesh,water,RDB, Guru and Now Jodha-Akbar.

There is a persona,calmness in A. R Rahman .Legend are always remain very calm as Sachin incricket and Roger federer In Tennis.He speaks through his music.Earlier in 2007 i thought Guru song is just okay but as i listen to them twice or thrice i becomes fond of it.


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Jodha-Akbar to be release on 15th Feburary on Valentine Eve, Facts About Its Making

Jodha-Akbar to be release on 15th Feburary on Valentine Eve. Its about love of Jodha(Aishwarya) and Akbar(Hrithik)

Intresting facts About Jodha-Akbar Making Ashutosh Gowarikerhired a research team of historians and scholars from Delhi, Lucknow, Agra and Jaipur to guide him on the film.Due to the fact that this film was filmed in sync sound, director Ashutosh banned the use of mobile phones for his entire cast and crew on the sets.

Art director Nitin Desai created little cottages for Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai at his studio because Director Ashutosh Gowariker wanted the actors to stay in Karjat, where they were filming, rather than have them commute from Mumbai every day.

They had all the comforts of home in the cottage. Hrithik’s wife and son also stayed with him at the cottage.

Over 80 elephants, 100 horses, and 55 camels were used in the movie.


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A. R. Rahman Speaks Openly About Jodha-Akbar Music

Often considered as the ‘Mozart of Asia,’ musician A R Rahman has done everything from classical to reggae and now with Shekhar Kapoor ’s ‘Elizabeth: the Golden Age’ awaiting release, where he pairs up with Hollywood actor Craig Armstrong, he is very excited.

“It has been really a wonderful experience working with Craig. We traveled a lot in places like Glasgow…Remotely working with the guys in London,” says Rahman who was in New Delhi recently.

The singer-composer has his hands full with a lot of films, the latest being Ashutosh Gowarikar ‘s Jodha Akbar starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

“Jodha Akbar is a romantic story about a king falling in love with a princess and I have tried to keep the music contemporary so that it satisfies both critics and the music lovers,” he says.

“The music of the film is very much what is required for the film. We have celebration songs and quawallis,” he adds. Rahman, who composed the music of Subhash Ghai ’s Kisna is once again paring up with the director in his latest flick, Main Yuvraj .

“Yuvraaj is a very challenging project. We had a hard time composing the first two songs but now as those have been cracked, we hope we will be able to wrap it up quickly,” he says.

“We have a very unlikely combination in this film as we have Gulzar saab, Subhash Ghaiji and me in this venture,” he adds. Rahman who was in the city to mark the one-year celebration of an FM channel, will be performing live in the capital in November for the first time.

“I was planning to perform in Delhi for the last 10 years and now I have got the chance to perform and I am very excited about it,” he says.

Rahman had composed the tracks of Sivaji , which struck gold at the box office in India and abroad and now since the film is being dubbed in Hindi, Rahman is a little apprehensive about it.

“After a long time, I have decided to dub my songs in Hindi. I had almost stopped dubbing in Hindi but this time I am convinced that it will do well. The music is ready and will be released soon,” he says.

While other music directors of tinsel town have already started cashing on their popularity by joining the small screen and also vying for the big screen, Rahman is unperturbed and says he is a musician and would love to remain so.

“I have enough musical commitments to fulfill and I love to be a musician and would love to continue the good work. And anyways, I am not well versed in acting so it doesn’t matter to me,” he says.
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Jodha-Akbar Sold For 90 crores To Anil Ambani

If rumours are to be believed, Anil Ambani’s Reliance is buying Jodhaa Akbar for Rs 90 cr from UTV.

Reliance is planning to distribute the film, which has been delayed for the longest time.

Though no one is ready to confirm the development, trade circles are buzzing with this news.

Insiders are even going to the extent of saying that the deal has already been inked. And it seems like UTV is heaving a sigh of relief, as the film is not carrying favourable reports within the trade circuit.

As for Reliance, it is said that they have been meaning to make a foray into Bollywood for a long time now. And Jodhaa Akbar, with its impressive star cast looks like a perfect film to start with.
Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, Jodhaa Akbar is set to release on February 15 and stars Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai and Sonu Sood among others.

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Music Review Of Jodha Akbar...

Composed by music maestro A.R.Rahman, Jodhaa Akbar’s music is magical, spectacular, bracing, pleasant and different from the tunes and beats of the contemporary style of music. The tracks are rustic, earthy and definitely pulsating.

The first track Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah starts off with roaring horns and booming drums as we are introduced to our emperor Akbar, his power and stature. With the incredible crisp arrangements of 12 different kinds of percussion instruments in the song, A.R has composed a masterpiece and the effect of the song is just wild.

The singers Mohammad Aslam, Bony Chakravarty voice’s are just perfect for this score. A.R. Rahman is quiet simply at his best with this song.

The heart-warming romantic track Jashn-e-bahaara is enticing, making you hit the repeat button several times.

The slow but richly soothing melodious tunes of string variants and tabla just flows smoothly into your ears as if to ease your soul. Javed Ali’s tone of voice blends rightly with the tunes creating a most joyous effect on the ear! Pure unadulterated music - a winner!

Khawaja Mere Khawja is a fabulous qawaali based song sung by the maestro himself. The tunes of harmonium is interwoven with that of the strings producing a sweet harmonic resonance and this coupled with the subdued voice of A.R. Rahman is enthralling.

From praises for the emperor you are taken to the world of two lovers with In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein. Once again with the soothing tunes of strings interwoven with the beating of drums, the song is dipped in passion and is just breathtaking. Sonu Nigam renders another emotional track with Madhushree providing supporting vocals. The tunes, the voice and the chorus vary in energy with the proceedings and the final outcome is a stunning melody by A.R. This is the best romantic track that proudly tops the charts of JA.

The final track Man Mohana sung by Bela Shende is yet another soft track with tunes like that of a bhajan. It’s is a situational track that might not be pleasing to all but even in this the blending of various instruments is just mind-blowing.

The instrumentals are unique in its form. While Jashn-e-Bahaaraa (Instrumental) concentrates on the flute, Khwaja Mere Khwaja (Instrumental) highlights the oboe. A.R. Rahman is a master indeed.

And how can one forget the lyricist Javed Aktar. The lyrics are very reflective, melodic and catchy. Just the right ingredient to ensure the music is a classic.
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Review Of Jodha Akbar

Music: A R Rahman, Bela Shende, Mohammad Aslam, Bonnie Chakraborty

Label: UTV Motion Pictures

This man works wonders, album after album, and never fails to disappoint listeners. Music maestro A R Rahman has done it again.

He returns after Guru to compose the soundtrack of Jodhaa Akbar that has already been showered with praises. Packed with two instrumental numbers and five tracks, Jodhaa Akbar has the makings of a hit.

Elaborate arrangements include the trumpets and the drums in Azeem O Shaan Shehenshah.

It is a wonderful composition and Mohammad Aslam and Bonnie Chakraborty, who have sung it, have done justice to the song.

Lyrics by Javed Akhtar are up to the mark.

Sonu Nigam and Madhushree render a romantic piece titled In lamhon ke daaman mein that initially seems like any other track until it picks up pace.

Javed Akhtar pens noteworthy lyrics while Rahman’s music keeps the standard you expect from the maestro himself.

Jashn-e-bahaaran, sung by Javed Ali, comes next. The soft, serene and romantic piece displays an ideal fusion of Ali’s vocals with string music.

There’s also a Jashn-e�bahaaran (instrumental), which gives the flute a key position in the track.

Rahman finally makes his presence felt in areas other than compositions by singing Khwaja mere Khwaja.

His rendition coupled with the harmonium, tabla (percussion) and claps make for marvellous music. One begins to wonder how a qawwali could impress to this extent that it ensures immediate gratification to everyone.

Khwaja mere Khwaja (instrumental) is as good as the previous instrumental number belted out.Mann Mohana comes in the end as an average number.

This track, rendered by Bela Shende, is not too bad but after listening to the other numbers in the album, one would prefer placing it at the bottom of the six.

Rahman has once again proved that what he composes is of a completely different genre, standard and calibre. He stands in a place where there can be no competitors; his is a level that cannot be matched.
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A. R. Rahman Speaks Openly About Jodha-Akbar Music
Jodha Akbar Lyrics
Jodha-Akbar to be release on 15th Feburary on Valentine Eve, Facts About Its Making
Allah Rakha Rahman: Musical Journey
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Big B to lend his voice to Jodhaa Akbar
Jodha - Akbar Release In Trouble After Complaint
Aishwarya Latest Interview

Shah Rukh house - Mannat

Shahrukh’s home is a beautiful palatial sea facing house "MANNAT", guarded by a huge high iron gate and tight security.

It has been more than three years since the actor purchased the house and he has still not transferred it onto his own name, in stead the house is in the name of 'Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust'.

Khan purchased the bungalow from Mr. Nariman K Dubash, the trustee for around Rs 13.32 crore. Khan has renovated the entire bungalow and spruced up most of it. However a legal officer who deals in these matters claims that Shahrukh should transfer the home onto his name, because in the future if he would like to carry out any major structural changes in his property then he would face a problem. The legalities for making any changes in the structure would include permission from the owner, the person whose name the house is on.

A close aide of Shahrukh said “Shahrukh is a busy man and does not have the time to check up on all these issues. He had appointed a legal adviser to take care of his property issues.”

Officials confirm that Khan’s home is not yet on his name, but they also claim that it is entirely the responsibility of the owner to arrange for all the documents and submit it to the offices. Officials are waiting for Khan or his legal aid to approach them for the procedure which only takes about 45 days. A tax official maintains “We are not going to insist that Shahrukh Khan transfer the property in his name as we are only concerned with recovering property tax and as of now there is no outstanding tax on the bungalow.”

Salman Khan unveils wax statue at Madame Tussauds

Surrounded by fans, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan unveiled his
wax statute at Madame Tussauds in London on Tuesday.

Salman beat nine other Indian mega stars to win a place at the
world famous waxworks museum after a public poll conducted last summer.

Salman's muscular statue, dressed in a black sleevless T-shirt and black denims, donated by the star, stands in a special Bollywood section alongside those of three other Mumbai greats - Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan.

Salman, who has starred in over 55 films since his 1988 debut film Biwi Ho To Aisi made it to the central London attraction after beating off competition from Madhuri Dixit, Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukerji, Karan Johar, Kajol, Lata Mangeshkar, Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham.

Salman's statue stands in a special Bollywood section alongside
those of three other Mumbai greats – Amitabh Bachchan ,
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan .

The museum hopes the installation of the new statue, reflecting
Salman's popularity in the West, will attract many more South Asian
and British Asian visitors.

The heartthrob met with Madame Tussauds sculptors in Mumbai late last year to be measured and photographed for the creation of his figure.

Salman was measured and photographed by expert sculptors
in Mumbai last October to kick-start painstaking work on his wax double.
He personally chose and donated clothes for the figure to wear.

Nicky Hobbs of Madame Tussauds said: "We received over 10,000 votes in the poll from fans and visitors, and were thrilled that Salman Khan came out top.

Taking a light-hearted dig at his fellow-Mumbai stars, Salman said: "Very few Indians have the privilege and it feels good to be a part of it. We have Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya, Shah Rukh and I think I am the third most deserving in the museum."

"I am really very touched that my fans have chosen me to appear in Madame Tussauds, and hope that the figure brings a lot of enjoyment to Bollywood followers the world over," Salman said.


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