Bollywood movie Rockstar songs review

• MUSIC A R Rahman


It takes a real rockstar to create music for the reel one. Wafting through the album of the year and one of A R Rahman’s best Hindi scores, makes it clear that the maestro has a world of enchanting music still left in him. (Download bollywood movie rockstar songs, video)

Unlike the synthetic Rock On!! — Bollywood’s only attempt at rock music — which neatly dished out Cerelac rock-n-roll, hindi movie Rockstar takes the hard road to glory. Tracks stacked with elaborate instrumentation, unconventional tunes and unusual song (Free download here) structures demand attention, putting Rahman’s music-that-grows-on-you feature to a test like never before. This, especially because the typical Hindi film music audience hasn’t tasted this style and genre before. (free Download bollywood movie rockstar songs, video here)

Take Kun faaya kun for starters. Not an uncomplicated, stirring qawwali like Khwaja mere khwaja, yet it touches you as deeply with its tablaharmonium-guitar composite. Rahman lays bare his sufi sensibilities with such soul that you discover new depths with each listen. (free Download bollywood movie rockstar MP3 songs, video here)

Mohit Chauhan’s first of nine songs, Phir se udd chala soars; it has introspective lyrics, reverb strings and free-flowing melody.

Save for those bewitching Coke Studio performances, you may not have recently heard such tight drumming and crazy acoustic bass work as you would in Naadaan parinde. Besides, the Rahman-Mohit jam works wonders. (free Download bollywood movie rockstar songs, video here)

The most complex and the chirpiest track, gypsy number Hawaa hawaa with its exotic sounds and king-queentale lyrics will have audiophiles in raptures. From Spanish guitars to surround synth, Cajon (percussion) to Cymbalum (strings), the piece captures Prague’s folksy spirit. (free Download bollywood movie rockstar songs, video here)

In Aur Ho, Mohit voices a tortured artiste’s poetry of pain (Aur ho, aur ho, saans ka shor ho, aanch ki aur badhey) while Bosnian singer Alma Ferovic’s haunting wails stay with you. Tum ko and Tum ho are pleasant, but not extraordinary.

Nor are they instantly likeable as Jo bhi main — soothing guitar riff, Mohit’s trippy vocals and live audience participation. But what makes it really special is its comfort with minimalism and how Rahman lets the mood take over the music.

While Kateya karoon explores Punjabi folk territory, the authentic percussions and string sections take it further than the usual fare. Sheher mein does well as a comical pisstake on the Nadeem-Shravan school of generic music. (free Download bollywood movie rockstar songs, video here)

The icing on the masterpiece is, of course, Saadda Haq (free donwload rockstar songs here), the high-energy youth anthem that gives Bollywood its first angst-ridden rock number, complete with edgy power chords, solid drumming and blistering solos by Australian guitarist Orianthi. Rousing chorus and Mohit’s set-theworld-on-fire vocals are hard not to fist-pump to. However, one wishes Rahman had cranked up the guitars for a chunkier sound instead of keeping the only heavy song ‘more accessible’. (free Download bollywood movie rockstar songs, video here)


Mohit shines through with his versatility, Irshad Kamil’s lyrics make simplicity seem profound and Rahman shows who’s the boss. Respect.