Jodha-Akbar to be release on 15th Feburary on Valentine Eve, Facts About Its Making

Jodha-Akbar to be release on 15th Feburary on Valentine Eve. Its about love of Jodha(Aishwarya) and Akbar(Hrithik)

Intresting facts About Jodha-Akbar Making Ashutosh Gowarikerhired a research team of historians and scholars from Delhi, Lucknow, Agra and Jaipur to guide him on the film.Due to the fact that this film was filmed in sync sound, director Ashutosh banned the use of mobile phones for his entire cast and crew on the sets.

Art director Nitin Desai created little cottages for Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai at his studio because Director Ashutosh Gowariker wanted the actors to stay in Karjat, where they were filming, rather than have them commute from Mumbai every day.

They had all the comforts of home in the cottage. Hrithik’s wife and son also stayed with him at the cottage.

Over 80 elephants, 100 horses, and 55 camels were used in the movie.


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Nirmal Simon said...

I personally love the Khwaja number. Found its lyrics on and think the song is very well written. A R Rehman has done full justice to Jodhaa Akbar’s songs