Zayed Khan

‘I’m just a crazy guy’

HE’S probably got more phone numbers and managers than the number of hits in his kitty. But despite his last release, Cash, bombing at the BO, Zayed Khan has managed to bag three big banner projects this year. “It’s all my charm!” he quips. “On a more serious note, there comes a point when you just cut loose. An actor cannot handle everything on his own. I’ve realised that a good project has a good director. I was patient because I only wanted good work. I don’t mind sitting back and being idle. But I’m talented. I just needed to clear my head and re-analyse myself. It was always a question of what I see myself as,” he explains. “I'm as versatile as a rainbow and can work within a wide spectrum. I’ll become anything my director wants me to be. I could do a romantic film, despite enjoying action films,” he says. The upcoming Mission Istaanbul will see him jumping from a four-storeyed building. How did he do that? “It’s simple: you just jump. You have to be in a state of no-mind. If you think too much, you’ll have more doubts. Be confident about your team and cut down all the possibilities of failure. I’m just a crazy guy; I don’t expect anyone else to do it. A lot of actors have acrophobia. But I’m a very physical actor,” he says.

So is he the next Akshay Kumar? “Akshay’s fantastic. But I have grown up on Sanju and Salman. I also look up to Jackie Chan,” admits Zayed. The action freak’s also open to comedy. “I’d like to do a scriptbacked, intelligent comedy. I don’t think I’m cut out for slapstick,” he says. Remind him that he’s not been successful as a lead hero, and he says, “I’m being offered lead roles by many directors. I’m happy that I’m attracting directors of great stature. In fact, I’m playing the lead role in Mission Istaanbul.” The length of his role in MI has not gone down well with co-star Vivek Oberoi, who’s accused the director of giving more mileage to Zayed. “Vivek’s playing the next best supporting role. It’s unfortunate that people have misconstrued my closeness to Apoorva (Lakhia). After all, I’m not the director. I’m very professional. I don’t thrive on controversies. If Vivek is upset, I have no control over it,” he maintains. But Zayed’s hugely popular with the rest of the cast and crew. He reportedly bought windcheaters worth Rs 50 lakh for the entire crew of MI. “Yes. This is the least I could do for all my boys who work so hard. I like treating them well and often take them out for dinner,” he reveals. So will his six-month-old son watch him beat up the baddies in the film? “He’s too young to understand action. He’s happy with The Jungle Book and Junior Einstein,” smiles Zayed.

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