The curious case of Bipasha Basu

Age is just a number. More so, for our celestial beauties. Who cares about lines and creases, lovelies… botox hai na? Lol! But we tell ya…our Bollywood babes are only getting sexier with age. And hear this one. The hottest of them all, Bipasha Basu, wants to age backwards. Recently, while talking to a television channel, Bips said that she had no qualms about turning 30. She proudly added, “I look my age. I had earlier said that after I turn 30, I’ll start ageing backwards. Now that I am here, you can guess, what I’ll do! It’s time to go back. Ha, ha, ha.” Regression, huh? “No, not now. From next year onwards, I will regress 100 per cent.” Aha! Maybe our lovely Bips is highly inspired by Brad Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We don’t blame her, but we’re curious to know if she wants to go to Hollywood, too. Out there, your age really doesn’t matter, Bips. And if you ask us... we don’t want baby Bips, we just want the babe!

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