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I’m applying to get married to Rakhi Sawant on her new reality show.

Phir toh mujhe unko bhabhiji bulana padega.
Of course. How does this sound on my biodata: Handsome hunk with six-bedroom house, six-pack abs, sixfigure salary…
Isn’t that a bit exaggerated considering you’re 5’5’’, weigh 50 kg and are about to get laid off?
I’m gymming now, and you’re just jealous. But the competition is going to be stiff.
If Rakhi does an item number on the show, I’m sure they’ll all be stiff! So what does she say on her site: age no bar, caste no bar, race no bar, baaki sab bar-bar?
You’re a bit of a pervert. My Rakhi’s pure as driven snow. Poor Mika’s still singing maine pappi kyun li.
So is this going to be like Sita’s swayamvar?
Yes, she hopes to find her Shyam, if not Ram. But I’m worried about Rahul Gandhi applying. Apparently, she adores him.
Maybe he won’t find the time with the elections and all. But if he does, I guess you’ll just have to settle for a rakhi!

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