Now, Vidhu Vinod Chopra abuses telented bollywood singer Sonu Nigam

The royalty battle has thrown up a new set of adversaries — Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Sonu Nigam traded insults; may never work together again.

The committee formed to tackle the royalty issue between the producers and the music fraternity finds that the cause is being sidelined. After the much talked about face-off between Javed Akhtar and Aamir Khan, they’re dealing with another war of words between Sonu Nigam and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Apparently, they got into a heated debate and Vidhu abused Sonu, who in turn retaliated spiritedly. Some members of the committee had to intervene to settle the fallout.

Our source said, “Sonu proposed that the producer should keep 50 per cent of the royalties, while the music director and the singer

should keep 25 per cent each. Vidhu disagreed and stated that the music directors or singers should take on the losses as well. When Sonu stuck to his guns at the meeting held at a five star hotel in Mumbai, Vidhu lost his cool and abused him. He told Sonu to ‘f*** off’, and a shocked Sonu was visibly upset. He told Vidhu to mind his language. An incensed Vidhu said that Sonu is making so much money and most of his songs are from his (Vidhu’s) films, so he should give some of the amount to him. Finally, Vidhu said that he will not work with Sonu. The singer shot back that it is entirely Vidhu’s loss. The matter wouldn’t have ended there had Madhur Bhandarkar and Ken Ghosh not intervened.” Sonu Nigam gave us his side of the story. He said, “We are not supposed to talk about what has happened, but since you called, I do not wish to negate it. Vidhu got a little excited and he has the habit of speaking in that manner. I don’t want to hold it against him as I have heard worse abuses from Vidhu. All I can say is that main saste mein chhoot gaya.” When asked about his reaction to Vidhu’s decision about not working with him again, Sonu said, “That’s my decision completely. I know that I am a good singer and no one is doing a favour to anyone. Yahan koi kissi ko banata nahin hai. We all are students of this art and if someone does not want to acknowledge anyone’s work, it’s their problem.” Sonu finally added, “After the meeting, he came up to me and the matter got resolved. Vidhu is known to be like this and uske moonh se gaali nikal gayee, toh humne bhi de diya jawab. However, he is known for this, so I won’t hold it against him.” Vidhu Vinod Chopra remained unavailable for comment.

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