Actor Shriya Saran of Sivaji fame had a harrowing experience at the temple town of Tirumala on Ugadi when a fan tried to molest her in the presence of other pilgrims.
The actor, who attended the Suprabhata seva darshan at around 2.30 am and came out of the temple at 3.45 am on Monday, was taken aback when a person came out of nowhere and tried to shake hands with her. When she recoiled, the overenthusiastic man moved closer to her. Annoyed, Shriya slapped him hard, while her attendant Koti scared him away.
The person, Hari, a cleaner at Shankara mutt in Tirumala, managed to flee. The actor did not file any complaint against Hari. It is learnt that Hari has fled the mutt. The actor arrived here on Sunday with local MLA M Venkataramana, who arranged a darshan for her and provided an attendant, Koti, to escort her.
An official of TTD said: “These types of attacks have become common whenever celebrities visit the temple and the TTD should take steps to control it.

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