Geeta Basra dismisses link with Harbhajan Singh

This is one rumour that will knock your bails out. Actress Geeta Basra has lashed out at a tabloid report (and a particular journalist), for a publishing a story that`s just `sheer nonsense`. The report claimed that Ms Basra entered Harbhajan Singh`s room in a hotel and ran to the extent of suggesting a romantic angle to the claim.

But Ms Basra is fuming as she cleans her rifle. `How could this journalist write something like this. Didn`t she see other people around me? Did she peek into the room to see what these individuals were doing? You can be naughty but certainly not cheesy.` The actress also said that she was accompanied by her friends and family members in that visit to the hotel room.

We don`t know the truth yet, but if the rumours are true and going by Ms Basra`s looks - not a bad catch Bhajji!

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