Unpaid staff disrupt Himesh`s M2KNDM2K

The workers on the sets of a movie that sounds like a German licence plate, are angry, real angry.

Earlier this week, the crew of Himesh Reshammiya`s Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekkh Mudh Mudh Ke, unleashed havoc on the sets of the movie citing unpaid wages and salary trouble.

According to reports, the workers claimed that they were unpaid for their work and after waiting patiently for a couple of days, they decided to bring the shoot to a standstill. Incidentally, it was the last day of the shoot and Himesh managed to keep the cap on his head.

The actor is not really our best friend but we hope the clouds of crisis pass over M2KNDM2K - shortening it doesn`t help!

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