Love Aaj Kal - It’s not about judwaa bhais

Saif Ali Khan, who plays the suave lover Jai in Love Aaj Kal, also plays the younger Rishi Kapoor. His decision to play both roles has confused the simple minded, as he fends off rumours that it is a double role or a judwaa bhai situation.

Saif says with a laugh, “When my trainer heard about the two roles, he said that this concept of a judwaa bhai is dated. I said it’s not a judwaa bhai situation, yaar!”

He goes on to explain why it was important for him to play the younger Rishi Kapoor as well. He says, “It would have been really alien if someone else did it. The whole idea is that Jai becomes Veer. We thought it would be too distracting to have another actor. It’s almost like parallel universes, so it’s important that I play him. Veer, the younger Rishi Kapoor, is very pure. Every girl would love to have a guy like that. Today, a guy has a drink and kisses the girl before asking her name.
The magic of the screenplay is when Jai becomes Veer and realises that when he is in love, he is consumed by it. And whether or not it’s too late by then to salvage the situation with his soulmate.”

As he concludes, he firmly insists that it’s not a double role and neither is it like a judwaa bhai vibe like his trainer thought.

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