Adnan Sami is getting married again

Yes, Adnan Sami is getting married... in an undisclosed part of Europe on January 31 to German girl Roya Faryabi.

“All our family members are going to be at the wedding. I’d like all my friends from Mumbai to accompany me. Unfortunately, there’s no time for them to make travel arrangements. So I’ll have a large wedding reception in Mumbai as soon as Roya and I return.” At the moment, Jermaine Jackson and his wife are on the guest list. The groom-tobe will be rushing in and out of court hearings and bridal fittings, barely bidding adieu to wife number 2 Sabah Galadari, before tying the knot with wife number 3, who according to Adnan, is perfect wife material. “I was going through the worst phase of my life when I met Roya. I lost my grandfather, then my father. She held my hand during my darkest hours while I was fighting the ugliest court battle with my former wife. Roya is very family-oriented. More than the fact that she loves me, I love her for understanding the importance of family ties. Roya respects my mother.”

Most important of all Adnan’s son Azaan gets along like a house of fire with his new stepmom-to-be.

Talking about Roya, Adnan says, “I wouldn’t say she came into my life suddenly. We got to know each other gradually. After having gone through what I have, I was in no mood to jump into a new relationship. But it didn’t take me long to realise she was the woman for me.”

Roya will move residence to Mumbai with Adnan right after the wedding. “She is a qualified engineer in Munich and works in the communication services. The organisation has branches all over the world. They’re looking at opening a branch in Mumbai now that Roya is shifting to the city.”

Adnan wants his wife to continue working after marriage. “Isn’t it enough sacrifice that she’s leaving her family behind to join me in Mumbai? I don’t want her to give up her career.”

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