Misic Review - My Name Is Khan (Hindi – Shankar Ehsaan Loy)

Sajda is exceptionally lilting; the combination of Rahat, Shankar and Richa Sharma works brilliantly.

Tere naina follows a by-now-familiar, trio-template tune, but still makes for beautiful listening — Shafqat’s singing and a remarkable chorus.

Rashid Khan’s pious Allah hi rahem is barely functional while Suraj Jagan and Shankar Mahadevan recreate the Rock On!! magic in Rang De, with its amiable rock sound.

Noor-e-khuda is clearly the soundtrack’s best, with Adnan and Shreya joining Shankar in a tune that navigates from lovely pop to bewitching, tabla-driven portions; the chorus, in particular, is extraordinary. Solid start to the year, by the trio!

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