Ranbir wants Deepika back

Ranbir has been messaging Deepika to say that he wants her back while there are indications that Shahid and Priyanka may kiss and make up

There are strong rumours within the industry that Ranbir Kapoor has been frantically sms-ing Deepika from the US where he’s shooting, saying that he wants her back in his life.

Though a friend of Deepika’s says her dignity dissuades her from talking about her past, there’s a distinct possibility of reconciliation. Says the friend on condition of anonymity, “It was Ranbir who told Deepika that the relationship was off. She took it on her chin and moved on, keeping the hurt to herself. But the minute Ranbir heard about rumours linking her to Shahid Kapoor, he started sms-ing Deepika and their mutual friends, asking if the rumours were true.”

Shahid, on the other hand, has been mulling over other matters. His relationship with Priyanka Chopra ended on a rocky note a few days before Christmas last year, but both are apparently in the mood to rekindle their ‘friendship’.

While they had never officially announced that they were dating last year, their fondness for each other was obvious, if their very public interaction on social networking sites is anything to go by. However, things are a tad different this time as the two are not opening up about rediscovering their feelings for each other. And now they are connecting again, but through long phone chats.

While it is not clear who broke the ice, Priyanka and Shahid, who stay in the same building Raj Classic on Mumbai’s Yari Road, are frquently calling each other and sending text messages.

A source says, “Priyanka is still very fond of Shahid and if there is any girl who is on Shahid’s mind right now, it’s Priyanka.”

Incidentally, Priyanka’s parents are also quite fond of Shahid. A few days ago, Shahid called up Priyanka’s parents to wish them on their wedding anniversary. “They feel he is a gentle and well-mannered boy,” adds our source.

So why did Priyanka not reply to Shahid’s message congratulating her on the National Award for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion? “Who says she didn’t reply? She did reply, but after some time. It was reported that she had been rude to him and had deliberately not answered his text message. Priyanka is not here to rub anybody the wrong way,” says our source.

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