Harman Baweja

Harman Baweja on his first film, the pressure to deliver and, of course, Priyanka Chopra

FOR someone whose debut film is yet to release, Harman Baweja is unexpectedly media-savvy. And patient too. His debut film, Lovestory 2050, based on HG Wells’s Time Machine and releasing in July, has been in production since 2005, with the release date constantly being postponed. But Harman says, “Films with special effects take time. Even Spider-Man and Superman took about 2-3 years to get made. But since it’s taking so long, everyone’s saying, ‘pata nahin kya ban raha hain’. It’s a family effort. I have been involved in every process in this and I’m not impatient.”

The film is being touted as the first sci-fi film in India. What about Koi Mil Gaya then? “If Koi Mil Gaya is the tip, then this is the iceberg. About 50 per cent of the film has special effects and 1,200 special effects have been created. There’s also a beautiful love story spanning two time zones. Dad (producer-director Harry Baweja) has been toying with this idea for eight years and finally suggested that this should be my launchpad because it’s out of the ordinary,” he says.

But the delay could work in his favour since he hasn’t had to compete with last year’s impressive debutantes like Ranbir Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh. Says Harman, “Every year has its share of good films. Personally, I care only about myself. As long as my film is a superhit, I’m happy. Besides, I’m not the only debutante. There are 25 other actors making their debuts this year. Some of them like Mimoh (Mithun’s son), Sikandar (Anupam and Kirron Kher’s son) and Imran (Aamir Khan’s nephew) are from filmi backgrounds. I think any of us can make a mark, as long as we’re good.”

And with his launchpad made on a whopping Rs 60 crore, and another big budget film on cricket called Victory in his kitty, expectations are high. “Every actor wants to do big budget films. I’m lucky that way. But it also makes me nervous and puts pressure on me to deliver since there’s a lot of money riding on me,” says Harman.

From Kareena Kapoor opting out of his debut film, to bagging big budget projects, it’s been an eventful journey for him. But Harman says, “It felt terrible when Kareena walked out. There’s no question about that. But reports suggesting that Rs 3 crore was offered to her are untrue. She was offered the market price. However, the industry is too small to be nursing grudges. So we’ve resolved our differences and she joined us for dinner at our place a few weeks ago.”

The other story doing the rounds is of Harman refusing to work with Bipasha Basu as he finds her too old for him. But he rubbishes it, saying, “I’m keen to work with Bipasha. She hasn’t aged in the past 5-7 years. She’s getting younger and hotter by the day. I’m extremely fond of her.”
He’s fond of Hrithik Roshan as well, but says he doesn’t imitate him as has been suggested by some quarters. “That was a nasty report. But these comparisons with Hrithik don’t flatter me. I’d rather be myself. I have to be given space and time to grow. Hrithik’s been in the business for eight years and it’s unfair to him to be compared with me,” he says.

So how will stardom affect him? “I don’t see how it’ll change me. My background is very middle class and I know everything can go boom in one Friday, and the next Friday it might all come back. I just want to enjoy the process of working,” he states.

And is there a certain Priyanka Chopra in his life? “The ‘we’re good friends’ line is a cliche. So I’d say she’s a great friend,” he quips, adding, “And a fantastic co-star.”
Is he not telling all? “No,” he signs off, laughing.

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Ashi said...

I’m really looking forward to love story 2050…
It is bollywoods first sci-fi movie !!!
I'm sure Harman Baweja will be a huge super star and I cant wait to watch him star opposite Priyanka Chopra..
Check out the promos:

Really, can’t wait to see them paired together…