Rajeev Menon’s impressed with Ramya

After wrapping up Bhimoo’s Bang Bang Kids, Mussanje Maathu and Bombaat on a back-toback schedule, Ramya’s now bagged a Rajeev Menon film. The actress who plays a character called Sita, is currently shooting in Chennai.

“It’s a simple subject with an impressive storyline. Rajeev Menon who’s also an acclaimed cinematographer (a constant in Mani Ratnam films) is directing this film. Revathi ma’am is also involved with this project. I’m learning so much from both of them,” says Ramya. The actress is awaiting the release of Bombaat, in which she stars with Gani.


‘My dog’s my biggest stress-buster’

My profession demands a lot of commitment and hard work, I get stressed quite often. And since I don’t have a manager I handle my own dates and in the last couple of months, I had allotted dates to way too many films. At the end of it I just couldn’t take it. I was so tired of working everyday and would return home totally drained. The stress got to me, so I decided to take a short break. At other times, I beat stress by doing the most random stuff. Like going out and chopping off my hair. Or I just binge on food or gooey chocolates.

But my biggest stress-buster is my dog Brandy. She’s always able to comprehend my moods — I just have to play with her and all my troubles are instantly forgotten. I also like to sleep over my problems. Music is my other fixation when I’m stressed, especially Carnatic music. Exercise is another option. I like running because it’s such an exhilarating experience — to just run and feel the wind in your face and not think about anything is such a wonderful feeling. It takes away all my worries.


Ramya doesn’t regret her year-long break from movies in 2007 and is now looking forward to five releases

KANNADA actress Ramya has been missing from celluloid for a year. But this week will mark her first release after a long break with Mussanje Maathu. In an industry in which every Friday decides the fate of actors, doesn’t Ramya find the gap too long? “I rejected seven films last year because I wasn’t happy with the roles offered to me. I don’t believe in following rules, so I don’t think it’s necessary to do films all the time. And my two releases of last year, Arasu and Meera Madhavan Raghava, are films I’m proud of. This year, I have five films lined up,” says Ramya.

The Kannada industry is currently facing a shortage of heroines and hasn’t seen competition in a long time — like the kind that existed when Rakshita was also a reigning actress. Does she miss that? “The industry has enough space for everyone, so I don’t believe in competition. And I consider myself privileged because I’ve never felt the need for work. I get what I want, so I’m not worried that my work might go to someone else,” says Ramya.

What about the newcomers, do they make her feel insecure? “I have too much work to worry about who’s in or who’s out. Last year, when I rejected many offers, everyone was speculating if I was going to get married or if I was quitting to join Tamil films. These things don’t affect me. And if newcomers are making a foray into the industry, it’s a sign that the Kannada industry is booming,” she says.

Having made headway in the Tamil industry with the recent hit Polladhavan, was Ramya in a fix during the Hogenakal issue? “The Tamil industry has received me well. And the Kannada industry has nurtured me and helped me grow as an actress. I don’t think films should be connected to politics. We’re artistes and films are a universal medium,” she explains.

Ramya also has Gautam Menon’s Varanam Ayiram coming up next in which she plays a role that spans the gamut from a 14-year-old girlfriend to a 25-year-old wife opposite Surya. Does she feel she has a better choice of roles in the Tamil industry? “I’m not doing Tamil films with the hope of carving a niche for myself, nor do I want to clinch the number one position there. My only priority is to do good films, irrespective of the language,” she sums up.

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