Amu goes de-glam!

Amrita Arora is all excited about her new look these days. In Hello, she plays wife to her real-life brother-in-law Arbaaz Khan! But, speaking about the new look, she says she’s surprised herself. “I play a character called Radhika, which was Atul and Alvira’s idea, who is married and lives under the watchful eye of her motherin-law, and strives to please her and keep her family happy. She’s al all-out bharatiya nari, complete with the sindoor!” But what really brought about more than a few laughs and giggles on the set was her playing Arbaaz’s wife. “I found it hilarious, especially when we had a ‘tender’ scene to shoot! Malla (Malaika) also thought it pretty funny. But in real life, Arbaaz and me are quite close, and have been so ever since Malla and him were going around. We would hang out from way back then.” Well, as they say, pictures speak a thousand words, but for her new look, we’re actually quite at a loss for words!

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