Bollywood`s best butts

Behind every successful leading lady is a good behind!

Another mastii-kustii exclusive feature where we leave behind the traffic, the bad breakfast, the terrible boss and the weather. These women have made it to the list of best-looking butts in the industry currently—and we have the evidence to prove it!

Kareena Kapoor

Regarded as the most perfect butt in all of Bollywood, we know, we looked! Kareena Kapoor has often taken flak for being too thin and reports of her surviving on three fruit juices a day have been widely circulated. But all this fades in comparison to what she has currently. Kareena is probably the fittest of all and her serious efforts to maintain that hot body through regular exercises and an all-vegetarian diet is appreciated on our list - she takes the top spot!

Sherlyn Chopra

She`s got more curves than an Italian sportscar! Sherlyn Chopra is the boldest of the new breed of item machines who spice up that track you really like dancing to. Packing a perfect body and moves that could leave Rakhi Sawant in tears, Ms Chopra is on our list with honours.

We must also call attention to an earlier statement by the item queen who said that, if it`s okay with the censor board she wouldn`t mind a full frontal in a movie.

Now we know how the censorboard will react to that (they`ll probably call the army in). Sorry Sherlyn, not happening here!

Deepika Padukone

The girl`s got all the glam in the world! A bombshell with a mix of pure sex appeal, a smile that just stops everything and a body that causes heart failures. She is on the very top of our list for two reasons—we love the acting and we just can`t stop having her on the desktops.

Ranbir Kapoor better watch out for the mob that`s coming!


A goodwill gift to the world from the Czech Republic. When she left that country behind, Yana wanted to see the world and, after modelling in Japan for Toyota (they started making better seats after that), and following a stint at an Osho ashram in Mumbai, she`s one of India`s biggest selling faces. Now, why can`t we have more movies with her?

Bipasha Basu

One of Bollywood`s hottest actresses, too! She can dance, those legs can leave you faint and that face can fry microchips. What`s surprising is Bipasha has not had her share of recent magazine covers unlike the competition. But then again, if they publish that body we`ll run out of paper! Our forest will never meet the demand.

Malaika Arora

Married and a mother of two. Who cares? The former VJ has maintained the shape over the years and for that reason she has her very own parking space on this list. The Chaiya chaiya item girl (for Dil Se) caused a sensation back when the item girl was still being frowned at by the censors. But after the entire board was sent to the firing squad, Malaika turned out to be the nation`s staple diet.

Sameera Reddy

Another goldmine the industry is ignoring. The acting may have taken a backseat, but given the looks and that wonderful bod, we could make ourselves a Bollywood remake of Baywatch—with her saving the lucky drowning idiots.

Those for the idea can start writing the scripts and send it over and those against it—better flee to a non-extradition country!

Mallika Sherawat

The one that flew over the censor board! She almost killed Imraan Hashmi in Murder and the nation was witness to the `shape` of things to come! Mothers were worried, classrooms were empty and the town came to a standstill when Ms Sherawat unleashed herself on us.

Probably one of the most controversial actresses in the circuit currently, she would probably go down in history for everything but the acting!

Sushmita Sen

She was Miss Universe once and that meant she left much of the competition on our planet behind. Her performance in Bollywood is subject to argument, but there is a constant here. Despite the years, Sushmita Sen still holds that body of command. Poor SRK was left `short` on a lot of stuff when he was paired opposite the actress in Main Hoon Na.

Widely respected for her usual calm demeanour and true beauty queen poise, Sushmita definitely makes the list for the combination of grace, elegance, beauty, charm—and butt!

Shilpa Shetty

Now we know what set off Jade Goody! There can only be one ‘ass’ in the Big Brother

house—and Shilpa owned that one. The Brits were all over this `exotic Indian beauty` and their tabloids were singing from the rooftops. She was the face (and everything else) of our nation. Now we know what set off Richard Gere, too!

Urmila Matondkar

In Rangeela, she made the nation dance and Aamir Khan looked as invisible as the milkman! Urmila has an almost military fitness regime and she sure looks the part. An exquisite blend of limitless potential, great dancing and a wonderful figure that fits any director`s requirement!

The star is nearly on the bottom (no pun here) of our list because we haven`t seen enough of her lately—wonder who`s to blame? We need a change of government!

Priyanka Chopra

The only reason why the world watched Love Story 2050.

As Harman Baweja cycled down mountains, fought off robots, dodged deadly laser beams and tried to deliver dialogues, the world`s attention was somewhere else. Distractions are valued in times like these, especially when you have made a movie that borrows its plot from a five-year-old`s diary.

Priyanka Chopra scrapes the bottom of the barrel for two reasons—she needs to realise she`s hotter and needs to get more glam into the roles.

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