Jiah dhadak dhadak jaaye

Jiah Khan is anxious about audience reaction since she is dressed from head-to-toe in Ghajini.

Prominent ad filmmaker Ravi Udyawar makes a not-so-quiet Bollywood entry with a sizzling song he has directed for Ghajini. The song features Jiah Khan who loved doing all the latka-jhatkas. But working in the Hindi film industry is not a cakewalk for Jiah. Since she is a Londoner, she is far more comfortable with the English language rather than Hindi. Jiah found herself in trouble when she had to speak lengthy emotional dialogue for Ghajini, that too in sync sound.

Jiah said, “I must admit it was a bit of a problem. Aamir got me an Urdu dialogue coach, Athar Nawaz who guided me. And each time I’d be stuck with a line, Aamir helped me out. My mom came down from London during the shooting. Since she speaks Urdu fluently, she ran through the dialogue with me over and over again.”

The latka-jhatkas were also easy after some practice. “Like the Urdu-Hindi language, I’ve also managed to master the dance steps to a large extent,” said Jiah.

Jiah is of course excited about her first item song in Ghajini for which choreographer Gita Kapoor trained her. Jiah added, “I realised how difficult it is to do a sizzling item song. The song, ‘Lattoo’ is a stylish Jennifer Lopez kind of number.”

However, the challenge for Jiah in Ghajini is to be accepted in a more conventional role. Her role in Ghajini is unlike what she played in Nishabd, which had released two years ago. She said, “I needed this challenge. In Ghajini, I’m dressed from head-to-toe except for that one song where I transform from a plain Jane to a femme fatale.”

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