Wrong number again Aamir?

The makers of Ghajinido not seem to have learnt anything after their run-in with Surekha Verma. Once again, a mobile number on the poster has created trouble.

The promos of Aamir Khan’s Ghajini have managed to annoy another person, businessman Trilochan Singh. After Dr Surekha Verma, Trilochan Singh has sent a legal notice to the actor.
Mr Singh, a resident of Juhu, has issued a notice to the actor and production company Geeta Arts for circulating his business and personal mobile phone number 9820413238, through various advertisement and hoardings of the film Ghajini. The notice has been issued through his lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee, seeking “Rs 50 lakh towards damages that have been willfully,
mischievously and intentionally caused.”

Rizwan Siddique, Trilochan Singh’s lawyer, blasted the producers for the irresponsible act, “My client is a blood pressure patient and he is unnecessary made to suffer because of the illegal acts on the part of the producer. It is difficult to believe that even after Dr Surekha Verma’s case that was reported in the papers, the producer did not bother to verify and change the other mobile numbers appearing on the hoardings and publicity materials of the film. Now my client has been inundated with unwanted calls and text messages on his mobile number. He has lost business as well as goodwill and reputation, as it has been over two months that he is unable to take genuine calls of his business associates, friends and relatives. The producers ought to take full responsibility of the damage caused to my client.”

Some months ago, Dr. Surekha Verma had strongly objected to her number being printed in the papers, but Aamir had pacified the lady with a new phone connection, flowers and chocolates. We wonder how the actor intends to compensate Trilochan Singh. Trilochan Singh could not be contacted and Aamir Khan remained unavailable for comment.

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