Monica is my wife: Salem

Life behind bars has not dimmed underworld don Abu Salem’s attraction towards actress and former lover Monica Bedi. He e again publicly said on Wednesday that she was his wife, a claim refuted by her on several occasions.

“Monica Bedi is my wife,’’ said the gangster, who has been in jail for three years. Just when Salem stepped out of the court media persons asked him questions about Bedi. The don, who usually deflects queries, obliged by reiterating that the two were husband and wife. Salem’s claim in public about the alleged relationship between the two comes in the backdrop of the actress’ earlier attempts to refute the don’s stand that the two were married.

The don was brought to the court by Mumbai police for a hearing in connection with an alleged extortion call made to a businessman six years ago. Earlier, Bedi in her interviews had said that although she knew Salem for several years they had never got married.

Salem and Bedi’s friendship has seen legal drama earlier. He served a legal notice on Bedi saying he was ‘deeply hurt’ by her denying their marriage.

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