Tirchi Topiwala’ Aamir is the real Not-So-Mad-Hatter!

Okay, so Aamir Khan has been lauded for his innumerable toupees, right? Nah, we aren’t talking about the actor’s six stunning looks all in one frame (in the much talked about song from Ghajini). Nor are we referring to his past ‘looks’ in movies that generated much news. And nope, he’s not suddenly been bitten by the Subhash Ghai hat-bug and bought an entire wardrobe of fashionable headgear. The ‘top hat’ we’re referring to is the ‘thinking cap’ that the sensational star has been generously blessed with. Not only is Aamir brilliant in front of the camera, the man is a thoroughbred strategist. Not many — except the film industry and media — know that AK has an amazing knack for marketing his movies in a superlative fashion. Always creating world class cinema and hype that can carry it to the Oscar Red Carpet, if not the moon. Even before Ghajini (a remake of a Tamil blockbuster that was inspired by the Hollywood flick Memento) is set to hit the marquee, Aamir has a breathtakingly genius strategy in place, for audiences across the globe. Firstly, he’s muzzled his beautiful lead star, Asin, from the press — right until he says the word ‘Go’. This has generated much hype. Then he has an online campaign for the movie that would make US prez-elect Obama’s sweep seem like ‘Blogger’s Park’ — (not the movie by Subhash Ghai of the similar name). And of course, given the fact that Aditya Chopra’s SRK-starrer is also set to release around the same time, AK is all set to step on the gas. After all, everything’s fair in love and business, na? So when he’s not wearing the creative toupee, he dons the marketing one. Or sometimes a large-rimmed director’s toupee, too. Now you know why we call this lovable ‘Not-So-Mad-Hatter’ our favourite tirchi topiwala – this guy pehnaos topis to everyone else, hee hee!

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