Saif & Kareena headed for splitsville

There are, now clashes are rising between the new hot couple and love birds Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Crack in Saif Ali Khan and Bebo’s relationship have come to surface, as amny predicted they would.

The two stars are having problems and buddies are worried. Aclose buddy of Kareena reveals, “Two volatile souls like Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan can never become together”.

According to sources, “Saif is constantly crowding her for attention. Nowadays,if you see him on his cell-phone, which is most of the time, he’s only talking to kareena. Saif has stopped communicating almost completely with all his family and friends. He never was someone not to call up his parents. Now even his mother does not hear from him for weeks. Soha Ali Khan, of course, never heard from him anyway. So that’s no different. In fact, when Soha heard that her brother was at the premiere of Sawaariya(with Kareena, of course) she said, “I wish, I knew, I could have met him”.

With Saif spending all his time with (and on) Kareena, Bebo has begun feeling the heat. According to sources, “Kareena likes her space. She’s very giving in love, but does not want her man to constantly question her. That’s what Saif is doing. She gets what-are-you doing? where are you? calls from Saif throughout the day. Initially, she enjoyed all the attention. Who would not? But now it is began to take it’s toll on her nerves. More than Bebo, it’s her mother Babita, who is angry and worried that Saif’s ceaseless trailing may effect her carrer”.

Bebo has felt the strain so much that she has told Saif to “back off”. But you know, Saif is Saif. When he is in love, he is nothing else. Ironically, he used to complain about Rozza’s constant attention. Today, he is behaving exactly the way that put him off for good. Hounding Bebo with his attention. She can not help remember Shahid Kapoor’s laid back easy does it gentle attention”.

When a close buddy was asked about the current state of the Kareena-Saif relationships, she responds, “Well, it is a little shaky. But nothing alarming yet. All Saif needs to do is give Kareena the space to find her pace. Otherwise, he would have to get another girlfriend with a name similar to bebo. So he can get the tatto re done without too much pain. Lets see what happen, is the Kareena-Saif love story destined to be doomed? or they will work things out and stay together for years to come.

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